Refer Patients to Suitable Providers in a Matter of Minutes

Powered by Rego, our Dental Electronic Referral Service (DeRS) enables you to ensure that all of your providers are utilised in the most suitable and cost effective way. Offering the best patient care with the shortest waiting times

Effortlessly Follow Every Pathway

  • Hospitals we spoke to were unnecessarily overloaded due to excess demand. One even told us how they typically reject 1/3rd of dental referrals as inappropriate

  • Meanwhile, local services and specialists were underused, spending too much time sitting empty

  • One cause is dentists struggling to follow the numerous complex pathways for referring their patients. This means they often refer to hospital as a default when sending them to a local specialist could be a better option

  • That’s where Rego comes in. It helps your dentists select the best care for their patient by determining the most appropriate treatment services. DeRS then places and tracks the referral with complete visibility, but only to those authorised to see it

  • With Rego, you can avoid referrals being bounced around, confident that they’re being sent to the appropriate place. Patients will be happier, hospitals won’t be overwhelmed, and local specialists won’t be underused

An Instant Referral Management Service

First, our system pulls all the relevant details out of the patient’s records at the dental practice to save staff from manually copying information.

All the dentist needs to do is enter their assessment in our smart form. With the built-in triage process, Rego only asks the next relevant question after each assessment detail. No need to fill in pointless answers on generic forms.

Our system then analyses each assessment against your pathways. Each recommendation is followed to the letter, generating the suitable referral options in a matter of seconds.

Once an option is chosen we place the referral directly with the provider. The dentist, patient and provider will all be able to track the referral securely through our online dashboard without posting letters back and forth.

Patient Choice That Benefits Everyone

Rego will suggest both hospitals and local services where suitable.

A list of approved providers will be generated based on your pathways. Each shows the travel time from the patient’s home along with the indicative wait.

By knowing there’s a specialist available down the road, patients can choose the most appropriate local care.

The patient will feel empowered having played an active role in how they are treated. Once the referral is made, the patient, provider and dentist can each track it securely through an online dashboard. With anytime access to the status, they can skip the phone call enquiries for progress updates.

Customer support at every step

  • Rego will include all your CCG’s pathways to learn all of your procedures

  • We will link Rego into your existing patient management system

  • We will visit every practice to deliver a 30-60 min introduction and training on how to use Rego

  • Our system will handle all of your referrals with the same high consistency

  • Your can call our support line, no matter how big or small the issue is

  • Our system will feed in any pathway updates, applying them to all future referrals

By working directly with the users, we can ensure they are happy using DeRS. We regularly monitor user satisfaction and believe in a culture of continual improvement.

Get from A to B fast!

Make referral management easier with DeRS (Dental electronic Referral service)

Want to ensure dentists use all your resources?

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