Process, Assess and Distribute Your Referrals from One System

With the Hospital Referral Manager, you can bring sanity and efficiency to your patient administration. In recent trials, this saved 28 minutes per referral.

Stop having to rescan or retype all of your referrals

When talking to CCG’s, we discovered that hospitals were often unnecessarily overloaded. Meanwhile, relevant cases weren’t being sent to local services.

Our software can pull the text out of a scanned letter, emails and faxes. It can then identify the relevant details and organise them into your preferred format for review and booking, adding any missing NHS numbers and GP details along the way.

The same goes for referrals via eRS. HRM can search through each one and move the data into your patient admin system.

Focus on performing the relevant triage

All of your referrals will then be available on one screen for easy review.

With the patient details clearly laid out, you can focus on reviewing the referral instead of sifting through unneeded info.

Your clinicians can be confident that all the relevant information has been considered.

Streamlined clinic assignments

Once a decision is made, the patient can be assigned to a clinic with a few clicks.

The usual deluge of emails or paperwork will no longer clog up the hospital. HRM can forward on the essential information to the clinic in moments.

Each clinic will be able to see incoming referrals in their portal, so there is no fear of a referral getting lost.

Full transparency

You will be able to track all your referrals in real time. We provide you with an easy to navigate dashboard showing how referrals are flowing into and around the hospital.

Customer support at every step

Our service runs from the following process:

  • We will visit your hospital to set up secure access to HRM

  • We will provide training to your chosen staff

  • Our system will handle all of the referral processing with complete consistency

  • You can call our support line, no matter how big or small the issue

  • The service will be continuously updated based on our user’s feedback

Through this approach we aim to make HRM a natural part of the hospital’s workflow.

Get from A to B fast!

Make referral management easier with Hospital Referral Manager.

Want to bring sanity to your referrals?

To talk to one of our team about whether the Hospital Referral Manager is the right choice for your hospital, contact us atT: +44 (0)207 993 5870E:

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