Refer Patients in 45 Seconds

With Rego commissioners can make it quicker and easier for GPs to refer their patients to suitable providers.

Following your chosen pathway every time

When talking to CCG’s, we discovered that hospitals were often unnecessarily overloaded. Meanwhile, relevant cases weren’t being sent to local services.

  • A key reason was GPs being offered many complex pathways while not having enough time to thoroughly analyse all available options. Many of the patients could have been sent to physios, community services

  • This left local services underused, and budgets squeezed by excessive hospital bills

  • Rego overcomes these issues by supporting GPs. It lets them refer, whilst following locally agreed referral pathways without a second thought, instead of referring patients to hospitals as a default

  • In a recent implementation, hospitals went from struggling with excess demand to being back under control in a matter of months. We had correctly diverted an increased amount of patients to local providers which spread the workload out to more suitable services. Patients preferred being treated locally avoiding longer journey and waiting times

An Instant Service

All you need to do is choose the type of referral you want. The relevant details are seamlessly transferred from your patient management software. With inbuilt pathway logic, you are only asked the relevant questions. Saving you from completing unnecessary boxes on a generic form..

We then analyse the referral information and list the available services together with distances and waiting times and taking into account locally agreed guidance. Giving the GP their referral options in the blink of an eye.

After they pick an option, we place the referral with the provider either directly or via eRS. They receive all the relevant information that our system has checked for errors, without mailing any letters back-and-forth.

Letting patients make the best choice

Rego gives a choice of both hospital and local services where suitable.

The generated list of CCG approved providers will be displayed according to their distance from the patient and their waiting time. Patients can then choose the community service that’s available down the road in 2 weeks, instead of waiting 6-18 weeks for a hospital appointment across town.

By this method, the patient takes an active role in deciding how they’re treated, whilst making a decision that’s often best for everyone.

After the referral is made, the patient, the provider and the GP can all track it through a secure online dashboard. With the status clearly visible they can skip the endless phone calls to keep each other up to date.

The perfect companion for eRS

Working with Rego your eRS experience will be seamless. We are often described as a skin on eRS.

We automatically transfer appropriate referrals via eRS. For pathways it doesn’t cover such as referrals to a physio, we manage the whole process end-to-end.

Customer support at every step

Our service runs from the following process:

  • Our system will include all your pathways, and apply them consistently and transparently

  • We will plug our system into your existing patient management system

  • We will visit every practice to deliver training on how to use the service

  • We will handle all of your GP referrals with the same high level of quality consistency

  • You or your GPs can call our support line, no matter how big or small the issue

  • Our system will make pathway updates to all referrers in seconds, applying them to all future referrals


How we make eRS better:

For GPs

  • A quick and easy user-friendly experience

  • Referral pre-populated from GP system

  • All local guidance built in. No manual checks required

  • Referral checked and approved in real-time

  • Provider choices pre-approved by CCG

  • Automatic link to eRS

  • 2 way conversation with providers (advice and guidance)

  • Works for all providers (hospital, community, GPwSI, etc.)

For the CCG

  • A quicker, cheaper, more robust, reliable and transparent referral management service

  • Savings on referral management costs

  • Real-time view of demand

  • Consistent application of guidance

  • Informed educational activities

  • Immediate roll-out of new guidance

  • Meets GDPR & security requirements

For the provider

  • Quick & easy clinical review of referrals

  • Paperless (or at least less paper)

  • 2-way communication with referrers

  • Integration with local systems (PAS, EMR)

  • Confidence in the quality and appropriateness of referrals

For patients

  • Safe, quick referrals

  • From referrer to provider in seconds

  • Trackable

  • More options for local care

  • More informed choice

Get from A to B fast!

Make referral management easier with the Rego.

Want to bring consistency to your referrals?

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