Fueled by a passion for healthcare and technology

Working with NHS England and NHS Digital, Vantage have created a fully automated end-to-end referral service which

  • Works hand-in-hand with eRS (choose & book)
  • Talks to all primary care clinical systems
  • Automatically applies local and national patient pathways
  • Saves the practice time
  • Removes the need for Referral Management Centres

Vantage are proud to be the event partner for the NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) annual conference and host one of the sessions on 1st November 2018


AI or local intelligence? The rise of technology in commissioning

Some predict that at least 15 professions will disappear within the next 20 years. Accountants, travel agents, stock traders etc. could all be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI). But can AI replace local intelligence when it comes to effective decision-making in commissioning? This session highlights technology that is already available for commissioners, including decision-support tools, and explores what the near future of technology-informed commissioning could look like.

Meet the panel:

Dr. Sam Shah

Director of Digital Development, NHS England

Dr Sam Shah is a clinician and Director for Digital Development for NHS England. He has a background in primary healthcare, public health and research. His main focus is using digital technology to help improve access to health services; improve the patient and user experience; help with health system efficiency; and getting the best outcomes for patients. Sam has overseen the development of NHS 111 Online in England and currently leads on a number of initiatives that are designed to help patients connect to care and where possible take a digital first approach.

David Ezra

Clinical lead & Transformation Director, Vantage Health

David is a founder of Vantage Health and operates as clinical liaison and transformation lead. David has been responsible for the successful implementation of the company’s solutions across 50 CCGs. Passionate about the role of technology to support healthcare, he works closely with clinicians and commissioners to ensure that services are locally customised and deliver significant efficiency savings

Tom Stocker

Senior commissioning manager, Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group

Tom Stocker has a policy and consulting background, having co-authored “The State of Medical Education and Practice” for two years at the GMC. As a consultant for Newton Europe he delivered process improvements and negotiated change for NHS clients. Tom commissions elective care and long-term conditions at Oxfordshire CCG. Focusing on evidence-based approaches and improve feedback loops on commissioned services. He is also part of Oxford’s MSC funded Digital Health network. An Oxford PPE graduate, after switching from medical school, Tom is an early member of Giving What We Can and the Effective Altruism movement.”

Dr Kristin-Anne Rutter

Partner, European Lead for Digital and IT in Healthcare, Mckinsey & Company

Dr Kristin-Anne Rutter is a Partner in McKinsey & Company’s London Office.  Trained as a doctor and with experience working in the pharma and medical device industries she has worked for the last 10 years with healthcare providers in the Europe and Australia  on strategy and operational improvement to deliver higher quality care for patients. In recent years she has spearheaded thinking on how connectivity, automation and use of data can transform how care is delivered. She works with small and large technology companies looking to bring innovations into the market as well as supporting payors and providers to better utilize existing technologies and incorporate new digital opportunities. She serves as a Trustee for Marie Stopes International and lives in Cambridge with her husband and two children.

Mike Singer

CEO, Vantage Health

Mike Singer is a veteran of the Healthcare IT industry. Over the past 35 years he has developed and delivered healthcare solutions for the NHS and for health services in Australia, Canada, France and South Africa. Mike worked with Professor Tim De Dombal on the world’s first computerised clinical AI system; with the DoH on the original NHS personal patient record and on MICKIE the world’s first computerised, patient fed clinical record system. He has spent the past 15 years working with SMEs and larger organisations such as Cerner and Siemens to bring innovative solutions to healthcare.