Sirona DM is a cloud based application that enables surgical units and medical departments to effectively manage clinical workflow and streamline processes.

Developed in partnership with leading NHS Foundation Trusts, Sirona DM has been carefully designed to facilitate seamless, real-time, collaboration between physicians, improving handover and patient care in the trauma and elective setting. Secure, intuitive and easy to use, the proven system also captures a wide range of data essential for continuous audit and research.

Key Features

  • Dashboard – provides each user a concise real-time overview of the unit / department, including statistics on current inpatients. On-call details, upcoming meetings and internal messages are also displayed

  • Patient Record – dynamic proformas ensure rapid and accurate input of coded data along with current location of patient and relevant details relating to procedure. Throughout the patient journey, investigations and complications may be updated while users can view note histories and respond to messages from the multidisciplinary team

  • Theatre Scheduler – users may book procedures and view previous and forthcoming cases. The live theatre scheduler features a ‘traffic light’ system to display the status of upcoming cases and alert clinicians to missing data that needs to be provided prior to operation

  • Patient Lists – generation of custom patient lists that update as cases progress through diagnosis, management and outcome. These lists can be filtered by consultants, wards, inpatients / outpatients, elective / trauma cases, and may be printed according to each users preference

  • Trauma Overview – includes a virtual trauma whiteboard, the theatre scheduler, and a classic on-call ‘take’ list that displays admissions in ward and bed order to facilitate an efficient post-take ward round

  • Meetings – enables users to create custom meetings to which any patient may be added by any user at any time. With specific fields for queries and outcomes the meeting function provides a perfect solution for MDT documentation

  • Audit and research – a comprehensive analytics section allows users to monitor real-time activity within the unit / department. Sirona DM aggregates all entered data and displays statistical views and graphs with customisable denominators. As data is captured throughout the patient journey, the system automatically generates lists compatible with various national databases, which may then be seamlessly exported, improving department compliance and performance through contemporaneous data collection

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