Automate your Referral Admin with the Rego

With the RMC edition of the Rego your team can stop wasting countless hours rewriting information.

Handle each referral in 1/3rd of the time

There’s no point in your experts typing referrals into systems. After all, shouldn’t modern software be smarter than that?

With the eRS Optimiser, your team can stop re-entering patient details and start performing valuable patient focussed services. By speeding up the process your RMC can handle a greater capacity of referrals.

Our system picks out all the relevant patient data at the referring practice to pass straight into our eRS interface. All it then takes is a couple of clicks to place the referral with the chosen provider.

Streamline work with our in-line services

The GPs you serve can continue to email you as usual or use our smart forms.
With our smart forms, they will be prompted for all of the relevant assessment information. You can then review the case to decide the best treatment options.
Doing so can save the GP time, while stopping the back-and-forth exchange due to miscommunicated details.

Keeping everyone informed

Once your RMC has made the referral, everyone concerned is kept in the loop.

The GP, provider and patient can view the referral via their own online dashboard. This shows all of the relevant details about the referral along with it’s current status.

With every referral visible in one place, you won’t have to deal with the constant back-and-forth as GPs and providers struggle to juggle them all.

Customer support at every step

Our service runs from the following process:

  • We deliver on-site training on how to use Rego

  • We will plug into your existing patient management system

  • Our system will handle all of your referrals with the same top consistency

  • You or your staff can call our support line, no matter how big or small the issue

  • Our system will feed in any Pathway updates, applying them to all future referrals

By working directly with the users, we can ensure they are happy using Rego. That way it can become a natural part of their workflow.

Get from A to B fast!

Make referral management easier with the Rego.

Want to increase your RMC’s capacity?

To talk to one of our team about whether Rego can help your RMC, contact us atT: +44 (0)207 993 5870 E:

+44 (0)207 993 5870


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