Send Off Images of Skin Conditions for Expert Assessment

With Teledermatology by Vantage, GPs can get a consultant dermatologist’s opinion fast, without waiting for an appointment.

Get an initial assessment in a day, not months

Once a patient has seen their GP they usually have to wait until they can be seen by a dermatologist. In these weeks, conditions can deteriorate causing discomfort and potential cancer cases can progress undiagnosed.

With Rego, we transfer images of conditions such as moles and rashes, from the GP to a dermatologist for their assessment. This allows the expert to perform the initial triage remotely, typically responding within 24 hours.

In past trials around 70% of remote consultations gave instructions for care in the community. The remainder could be referred to the appropriate specialist, skipping unnecessary referrals to reduce the referral to treatment (RTT) time.

Patients won’t have to spend weeks worrying and waiting times can be cut. Meanwhile Hospital Trusts can meet their RTT targets, save on unneeded consultation costs as well as catching critical cases early.

Capture and send secure, high quality images from your phone

With our clip-on dermatascope, a regular smartphone can capture every bump and discolouration.
We will then transfer it directly to the dermatologist with the patient history. Nothing is saved on the phone, with the transfer following all of the security protocols.
All it takes is a few clicks from the GP and we take care of the rest.

Enabling remote triage

Once we’ve received the information, we immediately pass it to a consultant dermatologist.

We make all of the requests available on Rego, our secure clinical referral management platform. With a simple interface, we keep it easy for them to review patient notes and images.

The dermatologist can then make their assessment and recommend how best to proceed.

In past trials, the typical turnaround time was 24-72hrs, a dramatic improvement on some current wait times of 4 months or more.

Customer support at every step

  • We will visit every practice to set up secure access to the website and the imaging App and show you how to use the system

  • Our system will handle all of the information transfers with complete consistency

  • You can call our support line, no matter how big or small the issue

  • Our teledermatology solution is continuously updated based on user’s feedback

Through this approach we aim to make teledermatology a natural part of the GP’s workflow.

Get a specialist opinion fast !

Make teledermatology faster and safer with Rego

Want to get quicker diagnoses and treatment for your patients?

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