AI Powered Outpatient Transformation

Vantage Health transforms the referral process. Our solution operationalises pathways to help clinicians direct patients to the best care based on local guidelines.


Our AI Powered Solution Helps Clinicians and Managers

Effectively manage patient flow

Direct patients to the optimal treatment path

Reduce pressure on hospitals

Innovation in a Global Crisis

The NHS is under pressure - and we can help

The NHS is under huge strain. With hospital outpatient visits nearly doubling over the past decade, coupled with the massive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a clear need to transform the way secondary care is managed in hospitals.

Vantage Health has a proven solution, powered by technology, to manage patient flow and reduce the pressure on hospitals by helping clinicians quickly and easily direct patients to the optimal treatment path. It also provides GPs and other referrers with instant access to hundreds of clinically approved guidelines and care pathways.

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Referral Tracking

Rego for medicine

Rego for Medicine

Our cutting-edge platform, Rego, reduces the complexity of outpatient pathway guidance, which has proven extremely difficult for GPs to use. By operationalising these pathways, Rego allows GPs to consider other treatment options for their patients more easily –  such as physiotherapists and local community services – outside of hospitals.

Rego uses care pathways determined by local clinicians; it is easy to use and helps clinicians to direct patients to the right treatment for their patients, first time, alleviating pressure on hospitals.

Rego for dental

Rego for Dentistry

Vantage Health has proven success with dentistry providers, with thousands using our Rego platform every day.

When developing our dental referral management process, we noticed a problem with local and national dental pathways. With a number of complex routes to send patients down, a default option – usually a hospital – is chosen, when a local provider may be the more appropriate care path.

By operationalising the pathways, Rego allows dentists to quickly and easily transfer patients to the appropriate healthcare service, providing greater efficiency and reducing  the administrative burden for professional workers.

Rego - Optometry

Rego for Optometry

Determining the right guidance form and pathway has been a challenge for optometrists and the complex referral process has lengthened patient journeys. Rego is a proven solution for resolving this. By operationalising the local and national pathways, the platform simplifies the process and helps optometrists refer patients to the best care option quickly and securely.

Our AI platform also significantly reduces the impact of the pandemic on the delivery of primary and secondary eye care by connecting optometrists with all care providers, minimising the number of patients referred to hospitals that do not require acute Secondary Care.

Why Vantage?

Our technology is fast and efficient, and boasts numerous benefits

Better Quality

Consistently better referrals for patients using national guidelines and local intelligence, both underpinned by clinical assurance.

Increased Efficiency

Immediate and long-term savings from operationalising pathways and getting patients to the right care, first time, with improved outcomes.


Simplifies the referral process and gives patients immediate visibility of their pathways and commissioner the ability to track in-demand services.


All stakeholders have access to performance metrics and referral trends data.


Our solution interfaces with primary and secondary care clinical systems as well as national systems such as e-RS and PDS.



All aspects of our solution are customisable to the commissioners requirements.