Reducing demand for services post Covid-19 & recovery planning



The NHS is expecting high demand for services as we come out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Vantage has delivered reductions in outpatient attendances of 30% prior to the crisis and is now looking at ways to further increase this number.

Recovery Plan for GPs

We offer a ‘wrap around’ service to the NHS Digital’s electronic referral service (eRS) which operationalises the local patient care pathways and automatically ensures that each patient receives the most appropriate choice of services.

Following the crisis, the list of options is expanding to include Advice and Guidance, virtual clinics, CNS led clinics, and several more innovative approaches. GPs can access all these services through a single portal and be confident that they have given their patients the most appropriate choices for their care. This saves GPs the time needed to remember the multiple services, routes and rules open to them when referring a patient.

Reduced clinical time spent transferring patients by 80-100%

Reduced outpatient attendance by 30%

Recovery planning for Hospitals

Currently, hospital Consultants spend hundreds of hours each month reviewing their patients’ referral notes to assess if, how and where the patient should be seen in the hospital. We have built an AI-based decision support tool for them to save 80% of the time they currently spend reviewing these notes.

As hospitals reconfigure to support the UK’s recovery, it is likely that most hospitals will split services into Covid and non-Covid areas. Our pathways adapt to changes in patient flows to make sure that patients get to the most appropriate location or service, based on their medical history, including symptoms of, or positive test results for Covid-19.