Referral Management Centre

Case studies

Vantage Health

Referral Management Centre need to reduce costs to meet the budget requirements of a local referral management service for around 100,000 referrals per year.


Vantage worked with the management team to identify current and ideal process flow. The eRS Optimiser was able to automate the majority of steps carried out by a team of administrative staff.

GP triage remains for selected cases but is expected to reduce over time, as the referral guidelines (pathways) develop.

As part of the work Vantage committed to an interface to eRS to seamlessly transfer referrals for books, without GPs having to enter them directly. This allows the CCG to meet its commitments to the use of eRS for appropriate bookings..

The solution has gained the support of the local GP federation as well as the local CCG.


The new automated process reduced the manual workload by two thirds, freeing staff for other duties across the organisation. Savings of £200,000 were identified.