Rego helps speed up hospital referral workflow

Case studies


The hospital felt it was spending too much time processing referrals. It wished to implement a specialist workflow solution to reduce clinical and administrative efforts in managing incoming referrals.


Vantage worked with the NHS Trust to understand their current and ideal workflow processes for managing referral documentation. The new processes were configured in to HRM.

HRM was configured to accept paper, email, eRS and Rego referrals onto consolidated worklists. Scanned referrals were read using optical scanning. Referrals were directed to the correct departments in seconds.

Once accepted referrals were transferred to the Trust’s patient administration system for booking and to their electronic patient record system so that the referral could be reviewed, alongside the hospital’s own records, in the clinic or on the ward.


Early trials have shown saving of 28 minutes per referral in areas such as administration, portering and clinical time. Paper was completely removed from the process.

A standardised referral management process across the Trust, which has multiple sites, have allowed them to implement a centralised service at a fraction of their previous costs.

HRM is now being rolled out across all specialties.