Support to the NHS during Covid-19 pandemic


Supporting the NHS

Vantage Supports Dental Care Hubs

In late March, most NHS and private primary care dental services closed. To manage urgent care needs following these closures, the NHS set up several hundred ‘urgent care hubs’. These are not open for direct access, but dentists who are contacted by patients can refer to a hub in the case of clear emergencies.

Vantage provides AI-based pathway management for around one third of UK dentists, in 65 CCG areas. For these clients, we were quickly able to create a directory of services and develop new pathways within our Rego platform to ensure that local dentists could quickly and easily refer patients to their local urgent care hub. With the help of NHS England, the work was completed in record time and the service was operational in just a few weeks. As a bonus, Vantage implemented an electronic prescribing service which removed the need for paper prescription and, as a result, reduced the risk of infection.

New pathways developed within our Rego platform ensured that local dentists could quickly and easily refer patients

Extending Teledermatology Services

We extended our current teledermatology services to current and new NHS clients to support remote diagnosis and treatment. We knew from previous work that around 80% of Dermatology outpatient attendances are unnecessary, but also wanted to make sure that the remaining 20% received appropriate care, in particular those with suspected skin cancer.

One issue was that patients could not always get to their GP practice where traditionally the images of moles, rashes, etc. were taken. Vantage developed an app to allow the patients to take their own images and securely transfer them directly to GPs to request specialist advice. This work was completed in under a month and is now seeing the majority of patients receiving a diagnosis and treatment advice in under a day.