Case studies

Vantage Teledermatology

The local hospital was struggling to service demand for dermatology services over a wide geographic area. The commissioner identified a need to reduce demand on hospital resources.


Vantage worked with local GPs, hospital consultants and commissioners to agree the protocols for the use of a tele-dermatology service. The process flow was configured into the Rego tele-dermatology system. GPs were given secure internet access to the web based software. They were also provided with the equipment necessary to take high quality images of the skin.

A panel of consultant dermatologists were given access to Rego to review the images alongside the patient’s history and comments from the GP. They provided guidance back to the GP of an appropriate course of action, such as recommending a prescription or alternate treatment. This advice was normally provided within 1-2 days. Complex cases and suspected malignancies were immediately referred to the hospital.


75% of patients were found not to require a hospital appointment. 13% found to have skin cancer were fast tracked. GPs became more skilled due to quick reporting on images.

23,000 miles of patient travel time saved each year. 143 years of time waiting for first appointment saved each year. Savings od £88,000 pa. from reduced clinic costs.

Best diagnosis rate for stage 1 & 2 cancers in the country.

HSJ Award finalist – Value & Improvement.