West Suffolk Teledermatology Service

Case studies

Vantage Teledermatology

Patient waiting too long for the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. Patient often waited several weeks or months to be seen and had to travel long distances to a hospital for appointments.

What was done

Local GPs identified the potential for Teledermatology to improve services. They selected Rego based on quality first, then innovation and good ongoing support.

Vantage teledermatology was installed in 21 practices, all of which were given a face-to-face overview of the service. The technology was adapted to fit local needs.

The practice sent high quality images of the effected area along with relevant medical history were send securely and electronically to a consultant dermatologist. Who usually reported back with a diagnosis and suggested treatment plan within a few hours. Suspect cases were immediately referred to secondary care.

The Results

  • Reduced anxiety and waiting times for patients
  • 13% of patients were fast-tracked where found to have suspected skin cancer
  • 75% of patients did not require a hospital appointment
  • Savings of £78 per referral
  • Reduced travel costs and inconvenience for patients
  • Saved 56 years of waiting for first outpatient appointments

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