Vantage Health wins HTN Now Award 2021

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Vantage Health is delighted to have won the Excellence in Digital Pathways award at the HTN Now Awards 2021 following the implementation of the AI platform Rego Care Navigator at Oxfordshire CCG.

The HTN Now Awards aims to share and celebrate innovations, teams and health tech suppliers that have made a difference through the year, and the award recognises the effectiveness of the Rego platform in helping clinicians in Oxfordshire CCG to direct patients in to the right care provider.

Vantage Health partnered with the CCG to address the pressure that increasing demand was placing on local secondary service, and to resolve the inconsistent use by GPs of the latest pathway guidance when referring patients, which resulted in them not directing patients to the most appropriate care.

By automatically validating referrals against local pathways, the AI platform helps clinicians to refer patients to the right provider, resulting in better utilisation of local care services and reduced pressure on hospitals.

David Ezra, Vantage Health Co-Founder, comments: “We are delighted to have won this HTN Now Award, with support from the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, and with our continued work with Oxfordshire CCG. Our aim is to support the CCG in reducing demand on secondary care services through the operationalisation of local pathways, which is ever more necessary as we help the NHS respond to the pressures of Covid-19 and through recovery. We also look forward to being able to work with other CCGs and trusts in achieving this goal”.