Improving care, optimising resources

Rego has been developed in close collaboration with all key stakeholders, to ensure the optimal design, usability and functionality of the platform.


It is more critical than ever to manage healthcare resources and services efficiently, particularly given the impact Covid-19 has had on demand. With waiting lists a constant concern, commissioners are aiming to achieve a better quality,  more sustainable care, and to improve efficiencies. 

Vantage Health’s Rego Care Navigator delivers this by directing patients to the best and most efficient care based on local pathways.

Reducing pressures on hospitals and waiting lists

  • Reduced waiting times: Less patients attending hospital leading to shorter waiting lists.
  • Refer in seconds By operationalising pathways, Rego helps clinicians direct patients to the best care option, quickly.

Better use of alternate care services

  • Connects to all providers: Helps clinicians determine the best care option for their patients.
  • Integrated with e-RS: Rego integrates with e-RS and connects to all other providers, giving a comprehensive choice of case services.

Improved visibility to improve the patient experience

  • Referral tracking: Helps GPs, and patients to track referrals in real-time.
  • Full transparency of activity: Rego provides live business intelligence (BI) data for GPs, providers and commissioners.

Easy implementation

  • Engaging with stakeholders: our team works closely with clinicians and managers to automate pathways and to keep them up-to-date.
  • Seamless integration: Rego seamlessly connects with, including eRS, Systm One, EmisCare and other patient/clinical software.


Hospital services face constant pressures of high demand with limited resources and capacity, which lead many to struggle to meet targets on waiting times and referrals. The onset of Covid-19 exacerbated his issue, with the situation likely to continue as patients seek medical help they deferred for months.

Vantage Health’s AI platform Rego optimises patient flow and reduces the pressure on hospitals by helping clinicians quickly and easily direct patients to the best treatment path based on local pathways, which is often away from hospitals.

Vantage Health’s Rego Care Navigator delivers this by directing patients to the best and most efficient care based on local pathways.

Referring the right patients

With limited hospital capacity, there is a need to reduce the number of patients that should not have been referred to hospital. By operationalising pathways, Rego helps clinicians direct only the right patients to hospitals.


Reducing delays

Hospital consultants spend time reviewing referrals, resulting in valuable clinical time being wasted and causing possible delays to patient treatment. Rego removes the needs for the referrals to be checked as the platform integrates the relevant pathways.

Reduced waiting lists

Rego refers the right patients to hospitals more quickly, resulting in a more efficient flow of patients, and a substantial shortening of waiting lists. 


The hundreds of guidance forms and pathways that have been developed to clarify the most appropriate care path for patients has proven challenging for clinicians, with limited time, to work with. The result is that patients are often referred to hospital when a more appropriate care service is available.

Rego Care Navigator, reduces the administrative burden of pathway guidance, freeing up valuable clinical time. By operationalising pathways, Rego allows GPs and dentists to easily, quickly and securely refer patients to other care services such as A&G and community services.

Easy to use

Rego enables clinicians to refer most patients in less than 45 seconds. The platform does not require hundreds of templates and offers a single point of entry for all referrals.

Clinically assured

We work with local, clinically-led Pathway Review Groups (PRGs) to ensure that Rego draws directly from the correct local and national guidance. Pathways are then regularly reviewed and updated.

Improves visibility

GPs can track and monitor referrals in real-time.


With patients often having to wait a long time for treatment and with 40% of outpatient first appointments resulting in a discharge, there is a clear need to improve the care experience patient receive. The pandemic has worsened this situation as waiting times have increased.

Our solution help clinicians direct patients to the best care based on local guidelines reducing the time it takes for them to receive the right treatment.