Cross Speciality Platform

The flexibility of Vantage Health’s approach and the adaptability of the technology has enabled the team to implement Rego across dentistry, medicine and optometry.

Rego for Medicine

Rego for Medicine

Vantage Health firmly believes that technology driven outpatient transformation is integral to the alleviation of current pressures. Currently, too much of GPs time is taken up on unnecessary administrative tasks. We want to free up doctors’ time so they can focus on helping patients. Our platform, which seamlessly integrates into NHS systems, is an effective way of achieving that.

Rego can support CCGs, Integrated Care Systems and GPs across the country.

  • By reducing the complexity of outpatient pathways, we allow GPs to thoroughly analyse all the options available for patients. This means patients are not referred to hospitals as a default.
  • This approach means other options – physiotherapists, community services – can be properly considered.
  • Using Rego incurs no extra time and involves no manual triage.
  • Hospitals and clinics get the right patients, at the right time, alleviating pressures.
  • Draws on care pathways, designed and assured by clinicians.
  • Easy to use, with full training and support provided.

Rego for Dentistry

Vantage Health has proven success with dentistry providers. Our AI-enabled technology ensures no one service is overloaded, while another sits underused.

When developing our dental referral processes, we noticed the problem with local and national dental pathways. With a number of complex routes to send patients down, a default option – usually a hospital – is chosen, when a local provider may often be the better choice.

Rego helps with this. It allows dentists to quickly and easily transfer patients to the best healthcare service based on local guidelines, cutting both costs and administration work for professional workers.

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Rego for Medicine

Rego for Optometry

With an ageing population, there is a large and growing number of people who live with reduced vision. Transforming the referral process is key to ensuring these receive treatment quickly to avoid further loss of sight without adding pressures to hospital services. It is also necessary to save optometrists time in determining the right care path for their patients.

Vantage Health’s Rego Care Navigator helps optometrists refer patients to best care based on local and national pathways in under a minute, reducing the complexities associated with the referral process.