Rego Care Navigator for Optometry

Helping optometrists refer patients to best care based on local and national pathways in under a minute.

Optometry Patient Referral Software

With an ageing population, there is a large and growing number of people who live with reduced vision. Transforming the referral process is key to ensuring these receive treatment quickly to avoid further loss of sight without adding pressures to hospital services.

Vantage Health’s Rego Care Navigator, which is now a supplier on NHSX’s Dynamic Purchase System (DPS), helps optometrists refer patients to best care based on local and national pathways in under a minute. By automating these pathways, it reduces the complexities associated with the referral process which has lengthened patient journeys.

Our AI platform also significantly reduces the impact of Covid-19 on the delivery of primary and secondary eye care by connecting optometrists with all care providers, minimising the number of patients referred to hospitals that do not require acute secondary care.

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Our approach delivers

Appropriate clinical pathways

Our establishment of local, clinically-led Pathway Review Groups (PRGs) ensures that our AI-powered platform, Rego, draws directly from the correct local and national guidance.

An easy to use solution

We work closely with GPs, GDPs, hospital clinicians and managers, community services and commissioners to establish a consensus and ensure the platform is easy to use. We also work with provider teams to support, and often to improve, their workflows.

Choice of multiple service providers

Our provider choices include all local providers, including hospitals, community, primary care services in all forms. For example: Advice & Guidance, virtual clinics, group and clinical nurse specialist (CNS) led clinics are all supported.


Our solution interfaces with primary and secondary care clinical systems as well as national systems such as e-RS and PDS.

Implementing Referral Systems

Pathway Design

We bring together clinicians and managers from primary, secondary and community care, along with commissioners to design and agree the most appropriate patient pathways.


These pathways are then built into Rego, our AI-based platform, to offer GPs and other referrers the most appropriate choice of care settings for their patients.


Things change in healthcare. We review both national and local care pathways regularly and adapt our service and software to meet ever-changing needs.