Optimising Patient Flow

Vantage Health combines a wealth of experience in planning and implementing outpatient transformation with a proven, AI-enabled IT platform, which has the ability to operationalise care pathways for medicine and dentistry.

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About Rego Care Navigator

Rego Care Navigator (RCN) is an AI-powered solution that automatically validates all referrals against local criteria and pathways. Through integration with e-RS, approved services are instantly displayed ensuring patients are directed to the right care, first time – in less than 90 seconds. Used by over 30,000 users, Rego has proven to enable effective outpatient transformation in line with the Long Term Plan.

Rego is currently supporting the NHS as it looks towards recovery from the pandemic by reducing the stress on Secondary Care services. It is projected that the efficiency savings achieved through operationalising referral pathways will reach tens of millions of pounds.   

Key Benefits

Rather than manually reviewing referrals and referencing pathway guidance manuals, our technology quickly analyses patient data and records, enabling clinicians to make quicker, better-informed referral decisions.

Primary Care

  • Single point of access for A&G and referrals
  • Instant validation against local criteria
  • Rapid process saving valuable clinical time

Secondary Care

  • Reduced demand on outpatient appointments by over 30%
  • Patients automatically allocated to appropriate clinics
  • Effectively manage waiting list backlogs


  • Operationalisation of pathways and optimisation of resources
  • Monitor demand & identify bottlenecks in real-time
  • Enabling wider service redesign

Integration is Key

In order to expedite, enhance and streamline the referral process, Rego has interfaces with other services and system with advanced functionality built-in.


  • Primary Care systems: Interfaces with almost all EMRs (for GPs, Dentists and Optometrists)
  • Secondary Care system: Utilising HL7 and FHIR messaging
  • NHS Spine services: Including PDS, SCR and CP-IS
  • NHS e-RS 

Advanced functionality

  • Messaging: Facilitating direct clinical communication between referrers and providers
  • Imaging: Built-in clinical grade image viewer, supporting: DICOM, fds, fda formats and others 
  • Workflow module: Optional for managing inbound referrals, from acceptance to discharge 
  • Patient portal: Enabling patients to have visibility over their referral
  • BI: Advanced BI data with unprecedented granularity
  • Mobile app

Multi Disciplinary Referral Platform

Our platform supports a multitude of disciplins

Rego for medicine

Rego for Medicine

Vantage Health firmly believes that technology driven outpatient transformation is integral to the alleviation of current pressures.  Currently, too much of GPs time is taken up on unnecessary administrative tasks. 

Rego for dental

Rego for Dentistry

Vantage Health has proven success with dentistry providers. Our AI-enabled technology ensures no one service is overloaded, while another sits underused.

Rego - Optometry

Rego for Optometry

With an ageing population, there is a large and growing number of people who live with reduced vision. Transforming the referral process is key to ensuring these receive treatment quickly to avoid further loss of sight.