Optimising Patient Flow

Vantage Health combines a wealth of experience in planning and implementing outpatient transformation with a proven, AI-enabled IT platform, which has the ability to operationalise care pathways for medicine and dentistry.

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About Rego

Rego is our cutting-edge platform that operationalises thousands of complex data sets, enabling healthcare professionals, with just a few clicks, to refer patients to the correct outpatient service in their local area. It removes unnecessary administration, so that doctors and dentists can focus on care, without any added pressures.

Rego currently has over 30,000 active users, who are all experiencing the direct benefits this technology can bring the healthcare sector. We presented Rego to the Senior Responsible Officer for eRS, NHS England’s electronic referral service, who saw its potential as a valuable add-on or ‘wrap-around’ to the existing system.

Referral System

Our technology is fast and efficient, and boasts numerous benefits

Rego for medicine

Rego for Medicine

Vantage Health firmly believes that technology driven outpatient transformation is integral to the alleviation of current pressures.  Currently, too much of GPs time is taken up on unnecessary administrative tasks. 

Rego for dental

Rego for Dentistry

Vantage Health has proven success with dentistry providers. Our AI-enabled technology ensures no one service is overloaded, while another sits underused.

Rego - Optometry

Rego for Optometry

With an ageing population, there is a large and growing number of people who live with reduced vision. Transforming the referral process is key to ensuring these receive treatment quickly to avoid further loss of sight.

Why Use Patient Referral Software

Rather than manually reviewing referrals and referencing pathway guidance manuals, our technology quickly analyses patient data and records, enabling clinicians to make quicker, better-informed referral decisions.

We ensure our system is plugged directly into your existing patient management system.

We visit every practice to deliver hands-on training for clinicians and practice managers.

We have a dedicated Customer Support Line, so we can answer any questions, big or small.